An eye for the essential.

We are demanding when it comes to the quality of our work, the productivity and the added value of our creative activities. Our close relationship within the company is the breeding ground for transparency, knowledge building and knowledge transfer as well as for solidarity within the team. The atmosphere is characterised by fairness and a view beyond the rim of the proverbial teacup.

Interdisciplinary thinking of our team is supported by appropriate networking. We are renowned for our flexibility and that we are able to think for ourselves and develop our thoughts further. This is part of our core concept, which is not just to satisfy our clients‘ needs but to understand their objectives and to help them to reach their objectives with all available means – sometimes even with unorthodox methods.

Each of us is an active participant in the all-embracing Social Web (Web2.0); each of us is equally a protagonist and a fan of pop culture comprising music, media, film, TV, games, fashion and literature. Creativity is the substance of our lives.

In view of this background we manifest our concepts equally from the perspective of the company we work for, from the perspective of the consumer we are creating added value for and in close cooperation with the partners, creative minds and specialists from our extensive network. Only this way do we achieve the efficiency, quality and accuracy that our clients have valued for the past 7 years. Our benchmark since we were founded has been an eye for the essential and it still is to this day.

Our Services at a Glance:

  • Communications: PR, Promotion, Social Media (Blogs, Communities, Contents, etc.)
  • Development and Design: Websites, Widgets, Apps, Ads, Contents, Social Profiles & Identities
  • Management: Hosting, Administration, Editorial Work for Portals, Content Maintenance, SEO
  • Strategy and Consultation: Digital Branding, Campaign Solutions, New Media Management

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Online-Strategy, Consultation and Concepts

Together with our clients we create complete, lasting and comprehensive online strategies: from communications for a small independent film to an entertaining presentation of a consumer brand as part of a wider campaign. Our expertise lies in our deep knowledge of the Social Web through our years of experience and numerous successful reference projects.

We know on which platforms you have to show presence, how this presence should manifest itself and which platforms you should better stay away from. We tell you how you make your content „shareable“, which persons within an organisation are responsible for it and look at which tasks can be outsourced. We develop a dramaturgy for your campaign, keep up the suspense and so transform fans into customers and customers into fans.

We always begin our work with monitoring and analysis. We determine what information can already be found on the web about your brand, your product or your organisation and what insights and innovative potential result from this.

What counts is the best possible interaction of all the communication channels that you will use. It is our job to develop online communication from the perspective of the active web user – the bloggers, editors and Social Media user. This way we decide precisely where, when and what is being said and we reach your target audience directly.

Web Development

Web development sounds simple, but it encompasses almost infinite possibilities. Starting with the creation of banner ad campaigns, the implementation of classic web sites through to the realisation of complex community portals. Excellent tools and websites are the basis of successful communication.

We offer market analysis, concept, design and the complete development of platforms (a blog, website or portal), tools (interactive ads, games, virals) and applications (widgets & apps).

One of our distinguishing features is the many years of experience in web development for the entertainment market, a sector known for its innovative strength. We develop products with Flash, ActionScript, Flex, with JavaScript, XHTML and CSS, Ruby on Rails, PHP and Java, with WordPress, Drupal or Typo3. Our developments live on good ideas, distinctive market knowledge, deep understanding of users and of course a crisp design.

We are very happy to support our productions even after they have gone online. This includes content and editorial maintenance, community management, or strategic positioning within the Social Web.


Community Management & Editorial

Everybody who presents themselves on the net offers their audience, their fans and customers room for communication. This demands an involvement with the target audience, whether you run a campaign blog, establish a product or an artists‘ fan site on Facebook, or if you include a Twitter channel in your marketing plan. Each web offering developed with a lot of money needs editorial maintenance to be noticed and most of all to be taken seriously by the target audience. Proper maintenance is particularly crucial with regard to the growing importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) because vital keywords can be positioned on your own website and your own presence within the Social Web.

A qualified and continuous involvement with the user is a positive impulse for users to pass on your message by word of mouth to other users. Our approach is not just to set up portals, microsites, widgets, tools or Social Media profiles, but also to maintain their content. Our experienced editors can now look back on 7 years of experience in content and editorial support of portals, shops, Social Media profiles and personalities. Our service offers everything from the support of a Twitter account to a daily news desk. We give advice about necessary arrangements because content maintenance for websites is a critical success factor – for the user, commercial exploitation, for the SEO and therefore for your product.

Our premise with Social Media management & editorial projects is: as much as necessary and as little as possible to achieve the best possible cost-benefit-ratio.

Online PR and Promotion

We are an integral part of the media landscape. Our communications team is constantly in contact with hundreds of editors, bloggers, community hosts and opinion leaders. Our main focus is on the world of entertainment, lifestyle and culture.

We develop the perfect dramaturgy, engaging messages and the right tone of speech for your request and we know exactly which media are the most effective to spread your campaign.

The basis for our success is the hard work we have put in to achieve a high level of trustworthiness and to gain our reputation as a reliable and stylistically confident communications team. We have implemented digital communication for exciting projects in music, film, fashion and games, as well as media, lifestyle and politics. We have a deep knowledge about various subject areas and categories and each new project benefits from our experience and our unique network that has grown over the past 14 years.